Proud to be sponsored by these great businesses and products!

Total Equine by Total Feeds is a staple in my barn and on the road.  I have been feeding Total Equine for over 10 years with great success.  My equine partners are a vital part of my career as a professional rodeo announcer.  Total Equine is always consistent and each bag is always fresh.  Many times horses do not eat well on the road, but when I am travelling and I am gone for long periods of time, I never struggle to keep my horses eating like they do at home.  They enjoy Total Equine so much, they literally rattle their buckets in anticipation of me pouring the grain in the bucket.  Also being that Total Equine is such a complete feed, I do not have to take up space in the trailer for supplements so that my horses receive the nutrition they need.  I have fed Total Equine to my active horses as well as to my retired senior mare who is well in her 30’s.  It is a great versatile feed and definitely is a key factor in my horses being shiny, happy, and healthy.  Thank you Total Feeds for your continued support.  For more information click on the Total Feeds logo above or call T.C. Long.

Brazos Valley Equine Hospitals and Dr. John Janicek are imperative in keeping my horses healthy and performing at their best.  They have locations in Navasota, Stephenville, Salado, and even in Brazil.  BVEH is equip with the world’s leading equine practitioners paired with cutting edge treatments.  They not only are leaders in equine treatment and knowledge, but they are also professionals who care.  Whether I simply need routine things such coggins test, teeth floating, or if it is something complex, BVEH always goes above and beyond to meet the needs of my horses.  Thank you to Brazos Valley Equine Hospitals and Dr. Janicek for all you do for my horses.  Be sure to contact them for all of your equine needs http://bveh.com.  

Rodeo MonogramShop

Whether you need a single item embroidered or you need a corporate order embroidered, Rodeo Monogram Shop in Athens, Texas is the place to meet your needs.  They take great pride in the quality of their work along with customer satisfaction and quick turn-around of items.  Rodeo Monogram Shop can meet all of your embroidery needs as well as screen printing, promotional products, single-shirt printing, boutique items, and much more.  If you are in the need for sponsor patches, caps, or anything personalized let Rodeo Monogram Shop meet your needs.  Thank you Rodeo Monograms Shop for all of the support. Contact Rodeo Monogram Shop at 903-675-8008 or find them on Facebook.

Infinity Saddlery

Infinity Saddlery of Campbell, Texas is one of the top saddle-makers in the country.  Cody McMinn is a brilliant saddle maker, who can make your dreams a reality.  He provides excellent quality saddles for affordable prices.  Whether you are searching for a barrel saddle, roping saddle, or ranch saddle, Cody can make it happen.  He will also fit your saddle to your horse so that both you and your equine partner are comfortable and happy.  Thank you Cody for always producing top-notch, one of a kind saddles and keeping me riding in style and comfort behind the microphone.  Contact Infinity Saddles today for all of your saddle needs.